60’ 6” FROM HOME

You don’t want to throw strikes, he said.
You want to throw pitches that look like strikes.
Live on the corners,
move the ball up and down, in and out,
change speeds.
Hang Uncle Charlie or leave the cheese out over the plate
and a hitter’s going to ride that ball right out of the yard.
Don’t be afraid to pitch ’em tight.
Up and in is a great equalizer
but don’t you ever throw at a man.
Learn to get outs with your brains
when you don’t have your best stuff.
Don’t leave your game in the bullpen.
Throw each pitch as if it’s your last.
Don’t save anything for the next one.
You’d better have a damn good reason
to shake off your catcher.
Go about your business.
Don’t let your fielders get bored.
It ain’t about strikeouts.
It’s about outs.
Never show up an ump.
It ain’t a ball or a strike
till he says it’s a ball or a strike.
Learn his strike zone.
Take what he gives you.
When skip asks for the ball
hand it over without a word.
If you’ve given it all you’ve got,
hold your head up as you walk off.
Then you’ll be a pitcher
not a thrower.