Still players on green
Awaiting orders from God.
Sure, it looks easy.

Stillness at Fenway Park
Then everyone is moving
To keep them from Home

White dot to the left
Tinkers to Evers to Chance
A sigh of relief

A curved ball arrives
Hips, wrists and arms slash the air
Catcher slams his mitt

Wait… wait… swing away
POP and the dark right arm shoots out.
Wait for the next one.

The shadowed glare home
A hint of a smile stares back
Grip, stretch, strike three again.

Digging around first
Head down into second base
All you get is dirt.

Waving him to third
Rifle shot from shallow right
Cloud of dust sadness.

Sweet-spot whack to center
Rookie in the track grabs it
The bums moan again.

On the wrists to left
Down the line and turns to 2nd
Slide into the tag.

Flash of white to right
Rocket throw to stretched 1st base.
Even dugouts cheer.