Ted Kluszewski, Hercules I’d
say, mic in my hand, led off
the second square, sizzled
a rope out right at Jensen.

Trouble ensued, Lollar on first.
He’d finessed a blooper I’d call
a classic Texas leaguer. Impossible
for Gary Geiger Hoover magic.

Goodman singled weakly to right,
Rivera zinged one into center,
just missed denting the deuce base.
Sully put away Shaw with what

struck me as a change-up to
drape the inning. I hoped the heck
Sully would settle himself down.
On my Topps card he was following

through on a pitch, torso curled
so low you could see his number 18.
I’d have related that to the radio
and TV audience also had I been

able to infiltrate that best seat in the
house omniscient broadcast booth.