Do you believe in Jesus?
The Mariners drop-kicked Jesus
to the minors today. For now, he’ll play
in Tacoma, a rump-sprung city
on the verge of Seattle. Anyone can see
this would be dispiriting, especially
since Jesus was a Yankee darling
a year or so ago. Lately, not so much.
Adding to his problems, Jesus was thrown
a fifty-game suspension for using
performance-enhancing drugs along
with eleven other haloed stars.
Who could know a catcher with heaven-
sent skill at hitting too, could fall so low?
A torn meniscus completes his woes;
he can’t play for six weeks anyway.
One can imagine the black cloud
over his new digs on the other side
of the tracks – not playing baseball
and living in Tacoma are his new facts.
Jesus must wrap his head around this
and the headlines say it all –
Jesus Disappoints.