My wife,
(Smarter than I), says,
“If the bat hit the ball,
Then how is that perfect?”
– Well, he didn’t strike out every guy,
27 guys;
No one can do that;
“Also, not every ball was a strike, right?”
She concludes,
“That is not perfect”;

But in baseball,
2430 games a year,
27 up, 27 down happens
Less frequently,
Than presidential elections;

(Though, post-steroids,
We’ve had 6 in the past 3 years
– I’m counting Armando Gallaraga’s,
The “safe” call made
At first base by temporarily-blinded
Umpire Jim Joyce);

Honey, darling, casual watcher,
I do apologize:
For not,
Putting away the dishes,
In their exact, correct places;
For getting the wrong kid of trash bags;
For various smells and emanations;
For not throwing away my torn college sweatshirt;

But it’s as close to perfect,
As my game and I,
Can get.