Baseball is a wondrous game,
Most deserving of acclaim.
A national pastime so ingrained,
That even apple pie is shamed!

Just think!  A ball and bat and glove
Can engender so much love.
And all those players, and their teams,’
Really make a “Field of Dreams.”

But, of course, the real thrill came
When Dad took us to a game.
A magic feeling, not outworn
(I almost want to be reborn).

Slow ball, fastball, curve ball strike!
Another one goes down the pike.
Two strikes now, and here’s the pitch!
Low, outside – that was a switch.

Batter coiled, the wind-up now,
Breathless moment, and then POW!
“How about that!”  “Holy Cow!”
Maybe later, take a bow.

Some players can be put to shame,
While other reach the Hall of Fame.
Cheers and jeers from everywhere,
Once I heard somebody swear.

The players are all young, you see,
But fans are older, you and me.
Yes, baseball heals our daily strife
Until the last inning of our life.