There are some things you don’t forget –
Back in the days before internet
The boys would meet down at the old schoolyard
Where the grass was green, but the dirt was hard

With hand-me-down gloves and wood slat bats
They’d play major league games and recite slugger stats
There was no chalk, no refs, no fancy fence
But the games they played were still intense

Spitballs, curves, down and outers
Tough guys and sissies and little pouters
Running the bases on dirty bare feet
(and seeking outright ways to cheat)

Every man had his turn to bat
Spit on his hands and turn his hat
Every one prayed for that lovely “CRACK!”
Instead of three empty, windy whacks

There are some things you don’t forget
You may not still believe it yet
But I’d gladly give up one day’s pay
To play in that schoolyard just one more day