we see the Beauty
in A-rod
and Jeter
in Matsui (Hiroshima, Nagasaki didn’t destroy
his spirit!!!)
we see the happiness in a boy like Swisher
we see the elegance in Mo
we see the seriousness in the Spanish blood
of Posada
we see the emerging genius in Hughes
and the clumsy, Ruthian power in Jaba

we see it all, o Yankees!!

play for us
remind us of what is inside us, even when it dies
every terrible lost day

remind us of our boyhoods!! the promise of them!!!

because, YANKEES!! some of us still have a chance!
some of us still have faith!!
and we have children, sons AND daughters
yes, even our daughters learn from the manly sport
of baseball
they learn about their men, their future husbands,
their boyfriends and brothers and sons
what is inside them
what needs to be nourished and honored
what these men can offer them
under the best of circumstances

o Yankees, you are Whitmanesque!!
and Blake would have loved you!