Son John explains the fact the Yanks
can’t hit with men on base as bad karma.

“Did you see the look in Cano’s eyes
when he struck out with three pitches
in the ninth with bases loaded? Yeah,
it’s there, dad. The look of defeat.”

It could be what they did to Cervelli,
how they sent him down at the very
last minute. The day after he hit a

Cervelli, Frankie Brains, the spark plug,
the South American Italian kid who shows
his love of the game in every move, every twitch.
Maybe even more than Swisher.

Or it could be AJ who has won three straight
for the Pirates and, except for one blowout
game, has an ERA of 1.53. All those pies
in the face seemed silly to some, but they
were the kind of beautiful madness the team
had when they played inspired ball.

Or it might be something as simple as the
$8 hotdogs, the exorbitant prices for beer
and for tickets to the game.

“We’d get tickets for eight bucks and sit in
the bleachers all the time,” my son protests.
“You can’t do that anymore!” he cries.

Whatever it is, the Yanks are near the bottom
of the American League with bases loaded and
with men in scoring position.

Something’s wrong.

Hey, it could even be Cashman’s (Cash man!)
climbing down buIldings on ropes to boost
his testosterone!