1. Why aren’t bases flat so players won’t break an ankle sliding into them?   Home plate is flat, so make every base flat.
2. Why have tombstones?  Make all the markers flat and soft so graveyards can be playgrounds?
3. Why do pools have any water over four feet deep?  Make every pool four feet deep  with a foam bottom – stop drowning and people paralyzed by diving into pools.
4. Why aren’t catcher’s shin guards made of hard plastic?  Can’t you make them soft foam, so the ball does not bounce off of them?
5. Why aren’t Sumo Wrestlers hockey goalies?  They would block the whole net.
6. Why hasn’t the basket in the NBA been raised three feet to make it more of a game?
7. To make golf more exciting , put a windmill ( like miniature golf)  on every green.
8. To make the extra point in football more exciting, the other team can pick any opposing player to kick a field goal. I would pick the center.
9. Why don’t we make the soccer field shorter so there will be more scoring?
10. Why are football helmets made of hard plastic?
11. Why don’t we have a track event where everyone has to run backwards?
12. Why don’t kids wear padded headbands in soccer so they don’t get concussions?