Your cubicle has replaced grassy fields.
“Look Mr. Smith, we can give you a good deal”
And in Florida the
high school heroes are checking in
“Mr. Smith, I know our competitors have a lower price”
And you were once that phenom
fresh out of East Jesus , Texas
throwing smoke
“But Mr. Smith, It’s not just price, think of quality”
And the scent of pine tar, glove oil, sweat
has been replaced by
the smell of copy toner
“Mr. Smith, let me run these figures by my boss”
And the Next Great Thing
steps off a bus into Spring Training
while your arm still hurts if you move too quickly
But you can handle a phone
“Good day Mr. Smith…”
Get in your car now
you could be in Florida in eight hours
sit in the stands
drink Cokes, chew on seeds
Outside the snow is brown
and Spring is taking its own sweet time
lingering in Florida
“Mr. Smith.Thank you for calling…”