This morning was something

On the mountain top

Algae was covering the pocketed stone

The wind was the jet stream


Snow strewn by the crystal rock pools

The sun floated in a clear blue sky.

We were in T shirts

It was warm till a huge dark cloud came

On with the vests as the snow came in June


As the sea is blue-green

The sky on the mountain is so

We dressed warm

We went for a hike to the leeward side


I took in what Nature had to offer

Trees get whipped and I picked up boughs

We were beat by Washington

We pitched a tent and used the boughs

To break the wind

Crossed a stream on the way up

Kept going beyond a trail station

Not a bird to be seen

Every step is planted with care

One stray and a second of tiredness hits

The pole helps

I climbed Washington a duty to the quest

In later years I had built a marriage of rock

In 9 years it descended


Memories of all good

With my former wife.

We never had anger


I ate some food

Fell asleep

Woke up years later


When I turned my head

I didn’t know where I was.

Then we found the trail

We went down Washington