1920 Babe Ruth trade from Boston for No-No Nanette.
The house that Ruth built came to fruition.
Royal rooters take charge in Boston, led by John Fitzgerald, JFK’s grandfather.
Close proximities to Fenway, unpredictable baseball at its finest.

Splendid Splinter Ted Williams a short right field porch and
Joltin joe’s line drive blasts to left.
1941 Triple Crown for Ted Williams and a phenomenal 56- game hitting streak for DiMaggio.
The Bronx Bombers dominated for years.
Two cosmopolitan cities in massive brawls and reeling finishes.

Fenway’s Green Monster leveled the playing field.
Teddy ballgame carried the Red Sox to prominence.
Animosity festered, the Yankees won 14 pennants in a 16-year span.
Intense growling and aggression as they battled each other .

The ’67 impossible dream for Boston turned the tide around.
Catchers once squared off in a home plate collision.
Bucky Dent broke New England’s heart.
Full force, the miracle of 2004 was exhilarating to see.