A trip back to memory lane recently.
Two homers catapulted a moribund franchise to its current level.
A Saturday afternoon on national TV.
lasting effervescent moments.

Two homers off of the split-fingered genius Bruce Sutter.
So thrilling that I had a near spiritual experience as a Cubs fan.
i was working in a yard that day as I celebrated mightily.
Ryne Sandberg was the real life Roy Hobbs for that day. .

The Cubs-Cardinals rivalry reached a new level.
Wrigleyville’s epiphany manifested itself.
The homers sparked a new trendy neighborhood.
The next day, a new era was incubated and I went to the the game.

Yet I was immersed in la-la land and battling pennant fever.
Looking back 40 years later, I remembered it all.
I was a star-grazed 29-year-old and enthralled with baseball glory.
The Chicago Tribune accounts on Sunday gave me tears to worship forever.