A generational dynasty.
Influenced that franchise future.
Spectacular fandom, the best ever.
A beginning of their raucous madness.

Their leader, Honey Fitzgerald, the Grandfather to JFK.
Always walked from Fenway’s Third Base Saloon.
Viciousness of their opponents was their modus operandi.
The 1912 World Series was their peak of popularity. .

The stadia home to politicians, gamblers and ballplayers.
Prohibition forced its termination.
In later years, the spirit of the Royal Rooters is prevalent.
Drop Kick Murphy’s band played in their honor.

Unbounding, ahead of their times.
Pesky ‘s Pole and the Green Monster heavenly for fans.
World Series champions in 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018.
The greatest fandom ever.
its origin, the Royal Rooters.
It was shown on WTTW, Chicago and a Ken Burns production.