Sluggers rule, but 500-foot homers can be a fabricated reality.
One notable, outstanding and memorable 530-foot blast in videotape.
Once, Josh Gibson from the Negro Leagues, walloped a 580-foot blast from Yankee Stadium.
Babe Ruth had some mammoth blasts not accredited by the Hall of Fame.

Mickey Mantle’s infamous clout alleged to have been 565 feet but measured accordingly.
The “physics of baseball” ascertains that it is impossible.
A German Company Trackman calculated Doppler Radar specifically for baseball.
A stat cast system used in the game..

High-priced free agent Juan Soto massacred a baseball 520 feet at the 2021 Allstar Home Run Derby.
An infamous 23-22 thriller as Philllies beat the Cubs on May 17th, 1979,
A videotape calculated a 530 home ruin as the Cubs’ Dave Kingman walloped a long blast over Waveland Ave.
A phenomenal piece of sports artwork, the tape measure home run and its mystery.

Many more to come and new stadia will emerge.
Just wait, the blast of all blasts will occur.
Once I saw a potential tape measure blast by Mark McGwire
during the Home run Derby at Wrigley Field dating back to 1990.
Chciagp sun times, Opinion column, October, 7th, 2023.