An idea, who’s time has come
Construct the old stadiums from yesteryear
A remote area is precious
Restore old-time baseball with a blast from the past

Expand the senses and see a superlative revival
Bring back the cavernous 460-foot centerfield
hobnob with a group of Dem bums from Ebbets Field
Caricatures of the Babe, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle

Flame throwers, and long tater tapemeasure blasts
Cigar smoking managers and bleacher gamblers
An amusement park, a spa, enjoy the spectacle to the hilt
Cooperstown, an afterthought

Nary the corporate pushiness, enjoy yourselves
See your baseball intuition fantasies become real
The doldrums of life restored by the old timers
Poets, dreamers, purists can surmise such reality.