A warm day and sluggers convention
Oodles of fans vying for batting practice homers
Nooks, crannies and bounces
Colorful characters with stories about the craft of catching baseballs.

Worn out gloves, wrinkled rabbits feet
Positioned correctly, punch and grab their strategies
Reporters are curiously calling it a “culture” of its own
The ’98 battle of Mcgwire and Sosa affixed that trend

A true melting pot of ball hawks
Factory worker’s planning to work another shift in favor of baseballs in their midst
Outfield bleachers fans are jealous of the action
Former Cub killer Mike Schmidt, New York slugger Aaron aroused attention at parks

A thrill of life snatching a baseball from batting practice
A happening, don’t miss it
The drama of baseball, sometimes better than that day’s game.