Long ago in a baseball game far away
ballplayers were ballplayers,
who thought nothing of playing
both ends of a doubleheader.
Now, they split up doubleheaders
into day and night games to earn
double the admission gate.
Now, star ballplayers usually
sit out the second game.
Pitchers used to regularly go nine innings;
now, they are hardly allowed past six.
And, God forbid, the hurler breaks a nail,
he is immediately placed on the DL.
Give me the old time players
who played with all kinds of injuries,
with nary a complaint, but a snarl.
There may be no cryin’ in baseball,
but there sure is a lot of complainin’.
Toughen up, guys, and bite the bullet,
(or, at least, the bat handle.)
Be stoic, be brave, be fearless,
like your old, honored baseball brethren.