You might beg to differ,
but baseball is a silent sport.
Sure, you have the roar of the crowd,
the thwack of the bat,
the pop of a ball into the glove,
but what is missing is the
conversations between peers,
the players on the same team,
and between the opposite teams, too.
What really would be of interest
would be the “discussions” between
the players and the umpires,
(with a delay, of course
to screen out the cursing.)
The recent all-star game
miked up some of the players,
but it was an exploratory attempt.
What is needed is the whole
panoply of discourse with
the highs, the lows, and the mundane.
Let’s hear what ballplayers have to say.
If every player were so wired,
the American pastime
would be far more entertaining.