My office is only a few feet wide,
and 60 feet and 6 inches in length,
and when I am standing at one end,
I can peer down to the other end
to try and get my bearings.
I am the picture of concentration.
I block out all other sounds
from the noisy crowd around me.
I do have other co-workers,
eight of ‘em, in fact who have my back.
They come into play at various times
during my working hours.
I can be in the office day or night,
depending on the organization schedule,
or at the discretion of my manager.
My salary? It’s dependent on how
efficiently I do my job,
and if I reach certain benchmarks in production,
I am likely to earn a significant raise.
I throw myself into my work with my whole body,
so at the end of the day or night, I’m spent,
so much so I need relief.