For years I raged against Walter O’Malley
for taking my beloved Dodgers to L.A.
Then I held Robert Moses responsible for
not building O’Malley a new stadium.
Now I discovered it was you, Roz
who lured my team to the west coast.
Look, I’m sorry you died and deserved
the big obit in today’s Times.
But know in your grave
you took away my childhood,
my innocence crashing down.
Yes, I root for another team now,
but it is not the same thing.
Your first fan loyalty is the deepest.
You took away a part of me – my heart
which I would have held on to
if the Dodgers had stayed put.
No doubt Los Angeles honors you.
A statue would be appropriate.
But be aware that you are my
personal Grinch now, you the evil person
who stole my team from me.