Basketball’s a silly game
with points in triple digits,
and men running around in shorts.
What ridiculous names they bear!
Heats and Suns, as if additional warmth
would increase b-ball prowess.
The Los Angeles Lakers do not play
anywhere near a freshwater lake.
And are the Pacers content merely
to just keep up with the rest of the pack?
There are no trails leading to
the hardwood floor in Portland, Oregon,
nor do prehistoric raptors, long gone,
invade the metropolitan area of Toronto.
And really, how many hornets beset the city of Charlotte?
Or in a similar vein, is the Target Center
in Minneapolis the new lair of wolves?
Do grizzlies meander up Beale St. in Memphis,
and how much jazz is played in Utah?
Finally, politically, there are few wizards in the D.C. area.
Is it too late for teams to change their names?