So, you blew a 4-3 lead in the 9th.
So, you committed a costly error in the 8th.
So, you hung a curve ball in the 7th.
So what!
Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.
You will rise from the ashes of Atlanta.
Listen up, Casey, you struck out
With a very mighty swing.
So what!
Mudville will always have your back.
Sun and warmth willing,
There is always a game to played the next day.
You will have ample opportunities
To sin in a variety of ways again
On the fields of summer.
You can go 0-for-4 one day,
And then bounce back 4-for-4 the next.
The beauty of baseball is its forgiveness,
with its future promise that tomorrow
can and will be better.
Hope is not a thing with feathers,
But a fly ball with a chance to clear the fence.