Baseball metaphors come easily
as I stand at the poetic plate
on this opening day of the season.
I wave my pen, ready to swing away,
ready to bounce my words off the left field wall.
But first, I have to dig in, concentrate,
and focus my vision on my field of dreams.
Thwack! – an image flies off my bat, a first hit,
and then a rally of nouns, adjectives and verbs.
I am in the zone now, watch out, as I
spray ideas into left, center and right.
In other plate appearances,
I may send a soft line to left,
bloop a double entendre to right,
or float a simile out to center.
Maybe with enough times at bat,
I’ll become the MVP – Most Valuable Poet.
With enough swings I can hope to hit
a poem out of the park.