PACKERS RELEASE … (football)

“Packers Release Tight End
Brandon Bostick, a reserve tight end
who botched the recovery of an
on-side kick in the NFC championship game
was released by the Green Bay Packers”

New York Times, 2/17/15

April is not the cruelest month – February is.
One dropped ball and you’re out of a job?
Where is the justice in that?
Oh, you hard-hearted men of stone,
have you no forgiveness in your soul?
Who among us has never
dropped a ball, messed up a report,
said the worst possible thing?
Packer front office, are you so perfect
in your northern snowy home,
you can’t entertain the possibility
all life consists of balls caught and dropped?
We fail more than we succeed, you know.
Green Bay, you are hereby penalized 15 yards
for most unsportsmanlike conduct.