The market has seen fit
to offer Mr. Garrit Cole
of the Houston Astros,
$324 million dollars to play baseball
for the very rich New York Yankees
for the next nine years.
Simple math indicates that breaks down
to a staggering $36 million a year.
Upon further uncomplicated calculation,
if Garrit can remain healthy for 200 frames
he makes $180,000 per inning, or,
given an average of 20 pitches per, he
racks up $9,000 for each ball or strike thrown.
Is he worth that much for tossing a ball 60 ft.?
Decidedly yes, say the Yankees.
What then am I worth?
What are teachers, doctors and the like worth?
Decidedly less.
The obscene numbers tilt a world off center.
Some will say that Mr Cole is entitled
to get whatever he can get
in the Home of the Crave.
Maybe so, but shouldn’t voices be raised
to protest we have lost all concept of
perspective, value and integrity?