I hate to hear athletes,
especially when they’re retired,
claim it was neither fame nor fortune
that drove them to succeed,
that it was a love of the game,
or a desire to make their parents proud.
Of course it was the desire
to make money and become famous
that fueled those dreams
that started in their teens or before,
that required they torture their bodies,
and twist their minds into believing in
some higher and loftier goals.
Easier to have those goals when
you already have the money and fame.
In our American culture
we are driven by the brass ring
to get as much as we can,
as soon as we can.
Hit more home runs for bigger contracts.
Shoot more baskets for bigger endorsements.
Then fame and fortune will undoubtedly be yours,
more than you can possibly handle.
Am I jealous of this cultural phenomenon?
Do I wish I were lauded,
and paid so handsomely?
You betcha!