My favorite ballplayer has just
struck out on three pitches
in the top of the ninth with
the tying and go-ahead runs on base.
Ball game over! Put it in the books!
I don’t ask for a Joe DiMaggio.
I don’t care where he’s gone.
I don’t need a Greek God or a five-tool player.
I only want a modest hero, someone reliable,
who can hit over .300,
who can produce an occasional home run,
who can play his position with confidence.
Million dollar salaries – for what?
Daily highlight reel accomplishments –
who needs ’em?
Maybe I would just settle for
a player who shows up every day,
who stays off the IL,
who happily signs autographs for kids,
who tries his best day in and day out.
The bar for heroes sure seems
a lot lower these days.