At Citi Field here in New York,
I held the swing door open for her,
and she thanked me with a smile.
I wish I had the verbal camera acuity
to capture the totality of that girl.
Desperate to hold on to her image,
I penned a quick biography –
Her name is Sarah, newly arrived from Nashville.
She is an actress, of course, or wishes to be,
and an avid fan of the Nashville Sounds,
the Triple A farm team of the Brewers.
When Sarah speaks, her words
as slow as a lazy change, invite you in,
to sit with her on the front porch at home,
or maybe accompany her to Greer Stadium
to watch her beloved team play.
I had no camera, tape or video
to capture that ball park freeze frame,
and even if I did, I realize my small art
would be, at best, a mere approximation.
I may have watched my Mets flail for nine innings,
but all I remember of that day is Sarah’s smile.