The new/old religion hosts
a full temple each Friday night.
Worshipers crowd the aisles
to pay high homage to the
pagan gods of football.
Young men are held up as heroes with
names like “Eliminator” and “Crusher,”
and when they cross the line,
having run to victory, their deeds are
recorded in bright lights and large typefaces.
They have vanquished all enemies
on their road to a perfect season.
But stains now appear on the Astroturf.
In darkened corners of the locker room,
abuses and more emerge at the end of
paddles, sticks and towels and
accusations of even more horrific crimes
are whispered inside and outside
the corridors of the religious shrine.
The whispers continue unabated until
winter snow attempts to cover up the truth.
The revelations to come are not so easily quashed.