“OK, sports fans, let’s summarize:
The game, even the season,
has been called in the 7th
on account of darkening clouds
across the country.
The young pitcher, I. M. Covid,
has been brilliant thus far,
shutting down the batters he’s faced
with his blazing speed and deadly curve.
Some players have even refused
to step in the batter’s box, while
others have opted out for the season.
Covid has made those brave enough 
to show up positively ill, 
pitching his lethal weapons
past a lineup of opponents
who argue in sport talk shows
the best strategies to defeat him.
But for today the game is over;
fans continue to stay home.
Can Covid lead his killer team
to victory, or will the rest of us
figure how to get to and destroy
this new and menacing fireballer?”