“Chutzpah,” the charmingĀ  and accurate
Yiddish word for nerve has been recently and
admirably displayed by a few major league ballplayers
who showed their anger at the fans when booed
by pointing their thumbs down at them,
saying, “If they criticize us by booing,
we will criticize them right back.”
Who are these entitled children,
theseĀ prima donnas who earn money
enough to purchase a small island?
Who are these whiny men-boys
who work but three hours a day?
These players should exhibit better manners
towards the people who pay their salaries
by filling up the stadiums across the land.
Would they deny us the pleasure
of booing them for their errors,
strike-outs,and random misplays?
What unmitigated gall.
What effrontery.
What chutzpah!