It’s not a new story, only the latest:
The San Diego Chargers,
with little feeling for their devoted fans,
have stealthily crawled to L.A.
Sports teams have historically changed venues
in the search for greener pastures,
green, of course, equaling money.
This is a baseball site, so let’s talk baseball:
1902 Braves to St. Louis (Browns)
1902 Orioles to NY (Highlanders, then Yankees)
1961 Washington to Minneapolis
And, of course, the one that hurt me the most –
1958 Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles.
There were more changes, not only in baseball,
but in football, hockey, basketball as well.
What is the average fan to make of these betrayals?
Perhaps that like in life, like in love,
loyalty, a once prized virtue, gets trampled in the dust,
that owners who make money just want more,
and the human heart, a most fragile organ,
continues to lie crushed on the ground,
run over by swift-moving cleats in the night.