“My name is Matteo,
and I have lived my whole life
here in Zurich.
How then to look at baseball
which I have seen on YouTube.
It is indeed a slow game
with most of the players
standing around for
much of the time,
unlike football where
the players and the ball
are always in motion.
Only at times is the baseball in the air.
Also, why does one team stay in a trench,
allowing only one player out at a time?
Why, too, does a baseball game
go on for so long so people leave early?
In football, after 90 minutes, generally,
the game, it is finished.
In baseball the players are
burdened with much equipment,
bats, masks, and gloves,
but in football the players
are allowed to run free.
Baseball is an odd game, no?
Football is the King of all Sports!”