A $600,000 Sack – ( football)

$600,000 for what? A sack?
Surely, a sack of rice or beans
isn’t worth that much.
Oh, not that kind of sack.
A football sack?
You gotta be kidding me.
No, it’s true – a defensive end
for the Jacksonville Jaguars
got a $600,000 bonus for
recording his eighth sack of the season.
What is wrong with this country?
Kids go hungry;
innocents get shot;
government is gridlocked,
and a football player gets $600,000
for dumping a quarterback on his back.
Maybe I should get a bonus
for knocking a stranger to the ground,
and add some more money if he doesn’t get up.
Moral? I should have learned how ‘
to tackle an opponent,
instead of dutifully learning
how to tackle my books.