There was a celebration at the Sox’s stadium,
because the Sox are in first place right now.
My friend Diana had tickets and invited me.
We got on the el and a couple in front of us
were making out like twelve-year olds.
Then we got off the el at the Sox ballpark.
We found a table to sit down and eat at.
All you can eat ribs, burgers, dogs, etc.
We both ate two big platefuls of food.
We had matching gray shirts (unplanned)
and spilled catsup on the exact same spot.
A man sat down to eat who looked and
sounded like an identical twin of someone
I know. He was drinking pink lemonade
and beer. Then we walked around the field
and went to the batters cage. A kid got
things changed around cause he was a lefty.
I secretly rooted for him cause I’m a lefty.
He actually hit a lot of balls. Then Diana
boldly tried to hit some of the balls. She
used to be a home run hitter as a youth.
The identical twin looking man came in
and then pitched the balls to Diana.
Then the celebration was almost over.
We got on the train to go home.
For every winning team, there are plenty
of unsung heroes who made it possible.
I was admiring the people who were
taking care of all the trash and cooking the food.
And I’m just the writer, who documents history.