Tornado del Perro, star centerfielder of the Burien
Wolves, was feeling good this morning.  He got
off his ergonomic mattress and did a perfect
downward facing dog on the carpet beside the bed,
stretching first his hips and then his shoulders.
As he headed to the kitchen for breakfast,
he thought of the great ball he would play today:
plucking the long ball from the air without
breaking a sweat, then leaving his feet to
pull down the high bouncer. Trotting across
the field with cries of “Great catch, ‘Nado”
ringing in his ears. He visualized his long run
to the fence to snag the ground ball without
breaking stride, and delivering it home with
speed and accuracy. He could play the ball
off the fence and get it home in seconds.
Tornado was a very good ball player.
Others could do some of these things,
but not all.  Tornado was a proud and happy boy.
Tornado was a beautiful dog.  Maybe all he really
thought of in the morning was how good his kibble was.