Theriot, Scutaro, Romo,
One right after the other.
Hero, hero, hero.

A bloop single to right by Theriot.
Crawford sacrifices him to second.
Pagan strikes out.
But with two outs a line shot to center by Scutaro
driving in a rapturous Theriot
to break a 3-3 tie in the top of the tenth-o.

Will that be all for San Francisco
to win the 2012 World Series-o?
Of course.
Because our third hero
Sergio Romo
stands on the mound-o
and mows down the Monsters of Motown
One, Two, Three-o.

The final out coming with
Detroit’s King Kong-o
Miguel Cabrera
expecting a slider from Romo
but strikes out looking at a fastball
right down Main Street-o.

Theriot, Scutaro, Romo.
Hero, hero, hero.
Another world championship
for San Francisc-o.