Heard the news on the radio
record breaker attic baseball card find
pristine collection had auctioneers drooling
family fortune thanks to a granddad
niggled his brain all day

once home from work
poked around junk closet
pulled out old tennis racquet
son’s wrestling trophies
tucked in corner – the box
brushed thinning brownish hair off brow
knee cracked as he stood
carried treasure to kitchen table
musty odor assailed his nose

rows and rows of allowance spent
bubblegum chewed, hours of studied
statistics – stars and rookies
valuable trades. Afternoons with neighbor
buddies absorbed in baseball
faded and fingered
each card told of fame or flameout
plucked the most crumpled
carried everywhere his tenth summer
good luck token when he took the mound

far from pristine
not mint condition
that crinkled card boosted esteem
taught win, lose, and team
baseball memories and dreams