The Sorrow League – “women of beauty
and men of talent doomed by Heaven
or other spiteful gods to a life of woe”

Note in Tale of Kieu

Majoring in the minors, waiting for the call
sure he was Big League material
a natural, a phenom, covered all the bases
when others couldn’t scratch a hit.
One by one they got the call –
position not talent was how he read the score.

Stuck in the bush leagues
errors piling up
golden glove turned to lead
slowed down a step
couldn’t get around on the high heat.
Teammates getting faster, younger
guys he broke in with
waving others home,
calling the shots.

Life threw him a curve
bad hopped to the bench –
heaven’s designated sitter.
Cheap motel night games
went extra innings
chances played over and over
sure his errors all unearned.

Looked down the lines for the signs
double checked the scoreboard
when he took a high hard one
between the eyes:
he wasn’t cut out for the Bigs
he never had the stuff after all.