The boys of October
Are at it again.
We call them “boys”,
But they’re really grown men.

They play a game,
Nine men to a team.
It’s called a “pastime”,
But it’s really a dream.

The game is baseball
With a ball and a bat.
For many of them,
That’s where it’s at.

All of them try
To make it their living
At that time of year
Before Thanksgiving.

There’s a championship series
For each league.
Four out of seven,
And they fight the fatigue.

Then there’s the series
For all of the world.
Four more out of seven
With their pennants unfurled.

The winner can brag
For most of the year,
But they do it again
When October gets here.

Ordinarily, I’m not
Much of a fan,
But I watch the World Series
Whenever I can.