You hit the ball well and you’re at Third Base
In Baseball:
A Triple is a batted hit
Which results with the batter
“Cleanly” safe at Third Base
He, or she, can have
A dirty uniform, you understand?
But really, a Triple is a Double
That’s batted by a fast guy
Or an inside-the-park Home Run
Or an equivalent of that
Batted by a slow guy, like me
If runners were already on base
When you hit your Triple, then
You earned some Runs Batted In, RBIs
It’s exciting to be at Third Base
Because you’re almost home, almost
But Third Base is called
The Hot Corner of the Baseball Diamond
For a very valid reason
It’s dangerous for everybody
Around Third Base
It’s exciting and dangerous
Your own teammate may
Bat a line drive right at you
He, or she, may not have meant
To do that, you understand?