His bat was magnetic, smashing the ball
The way a heat-seeking missile destroys its target, like
A well-cared-for dog running home to loving hugs.
He hit .400, the rarest of batting feats . . . twice!
Nowadays a .300 hitter is more than a rarity, and
He’s a multi-millionaire, but this St. Louis Brown
Retired with a lifetime .340 average!
He held the single-season record for most hits with 257,
Held it for 84 years, till Ichiro broke it!
In a 15-year career, He batted at least .300 thirteen times!
Ty Cobb called him “the nearest thing to a perfect ballplayer”
He’d witnessed and known; the man could hit – – – and he played
A great first base! And he stole bases, too, up to 50 one season!
A former pitcher, he used to envision himself as a hitter
From the point of view of a hurler up on that hill, a kind of
Empath projecting the pitcher’s plan – – – and he’d be ready!
He missed all of 1923 with double vision and was never
The same. Hindered by troubled eyes; he played the next
Seven seasons handicapped and averaged .320 per season
In that span! He made it to the Hall of Fame with 2812 hits . . . but
Do you know his name, this sizzler at the plate?
Can you knee-jerk his moniker
As you would Ruth, Musial, Williams,
Di Maggio, Trout or Seaver?
No, you do not know his name.
The man could play the game!
George Sisler was his name.