CIVIL WAR: New York Against Atlanta

They fought, opposing predators tasting victory, challenging
Each other for the lengthy season, finishing
With the same win-loss record, way ahead
Of the Phillies and their temporary manager.
(Be careful of the underdog.)
They had important series face to face,
Impressive pitching staffs going at it,
History against hysterical,
No way to know the victor, the survivor
Of this constant six- month long mountain of pressure.
(Be careful of the underdog.)
Power hitters versus contact hitters,
Two top closers, wobbly benches,
Two teams close to equal, even if
One held the Crown as reigning Champ
While the other had the reigning batting and RBI leaders.
Fighting for a bye, feeling pride and strength,
They marched to the inevitable.
(Be careful of the underdog.)
But funny things happen in baseball.
Predictable is boring.
Be careful of the underdog.
The predators are gone now,
And the Phillies stand where stood pretenders,
Alone alive from the NL East
In post-season battle
As I write and shake my head.
Predictable is dull.