The pitch was called a ball but it was a strike.
The game started in the rain and then was canceled.
The closer was called in but he blew the game.
The manager sent in a pinch hitter who struck out…
And later a pinch runner who was caught stealing
And another, who was picked off.
The right fielder called the center fielder off a fly ball
And then lost the ball in the glaring sun.
(So much for a can of corn.)
The umpire called the runner out but the replay showed him safe.
The ball boy fielded the foul grounder which was fair.
The announcer mispronounced the new pitcher’s name.
The odds-makers picked the wrong team to win it all.
The specially selected singer mixed up the words to the National Anthem.
Somehow, all the games got played and one team won it all…
But that wasn’t the team I love,
The team that has won the Series twice
In the 60 years of its existence,
a period of time I have been an eyewitness to, because
When I started following the sport, I made a
Questionable call — to some,
But not to me!