The best player in American baseball is from Japan,
A two-way threat proudly sauntering toward the Hall of Fame
With a bat on his shoulder and a ball in his right hand.
On Opening Day in 2023, the Majors imitated the United Nations,
With 269 players born outside the States, speaking a polyglot
Of languages, bringing with them joy and thrilling celebrations.
Players came to our shores and fields from the Dominican Republic,
Cuba, China, South Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Colombia,
Curaçao, Panama, The Bahamas, Nicaragua, Aruba, Australia,
Brazil, Taiwan, Honduras — even Germany, and brought with them
Their skills, their languages, their hearts, and a hope for future
Peace and understanding that we hardly ever get in the General
Assembly or the Security Council — or, for that matter, our own
Senate and House of Representatives. Baseball brings the world
Together, shares and spreads the love, gets people to communicate,
Solve problems, share solutions, believe in values and the glory
Of working together for a common goal. Baseball allows for
Failure and the opportunity to learn from one’s mistakes and not to
Curse and hate opponents. “We are the World” could be the
International anthem not sung before each game but practiced
For nine innings or more on fields of justice. Baseball has now
Grown beyond America’s national pastime to perform on the
World’s ever-smaller stage, and there are lessons to be learned.
Baseball is a game; we grew up playing games, learning to work
Together, to respect opponents, to seek a common goal, to try
Our best, and to accept defeat and respect the other side.
We grew up playing games.
Why did we ever stop?