I was reborn a Met fan when they came to life in 1962.
I fell in love with stars past their prime, players looking for themselves
And youngsters tasting first flavors of a Major life.
I laughed and cried and cheered for Marvelous Marv and Piersall
and the Duke, Al Jackson and Jay Hook and all the others
Of the early years. I was blessed to watch
The Franchise and Gil and the Championship of ’69.
I cherished the ride in 1973 and I believed!
The Mets have been a big part of my relaxation life
And on the ride I’ve found myself joined by a son,
a grandson and granddaughter.
In the 1980’s I thrived with Gooden,
Hernandez and Strawberry and the rest
and I suffered through the ’90’s
And was humbled as the Yanks,
My former team, took the Crown out of their hands in 2000 …
And now I breathe in synchronization with the Mets
As I write these thoughts and recollections
In the final days of the season of 2022,
Believing in them yet recognizing the mountains
Waiting to be climbed
But no matter how this current journey ends
I will be there with them
Wearing my uniform around my soul
For indeed I am the Mets!