I could understand their concern for me: I am old; I walk like a shaky
Tightrope walker who’s had one too many. We were at Citi Field for a
Met game but in a deeper reality, we gathered to reconfirm our closeness.
We watched the action and inaction before us, but it was our communion
That was the show we all had come to celebrate.

I didn’t drink much but half-way through the game I climbed the stairs as if
I were Sir Edmund Hillary seeking the apex of Mt. Everest; I stumbled step
By step, and when I reached the apex a uniformed Sherpa guide stretched
His hand, then patted me on my back, after which I sought out my goal . . .
and it wasn’t till much later in the game I found out that I had not traveled
Alone, that as I zig-zagged to the restroom with arthritic knees, I was being
Followed by two grandkids fearing my stability, each ready to lend a helping
Hand if I had faltered. I was not angry; one does not feel disturbance at a
Display of love. I smiled and stared at the game on the field, but I enjoyed
More the game recently played out by my own adoring fans. I mentally
Applauded them and with an inner smile wallowed in their warmth.

After the game, two of my loving grandkids hugged me tenderly, a way of
Indicating how much they’d missed me, and they drove home to the land of
Former Mets Al Leiter and Todd Frazier, and my oldest granddaughter and I
Went to supper in another part of Flushing, Queens — namely, near Main
Street — and once done, we strolled to the local station of the train that
Would take me home, and as I waited, I peered back and saw her coat
Protruding from behind a support beam; she had picked up the theme of
Protecting me, watching till I boarded my LIRR train safely. Once I was home,
I considered the day’s events — yes, the game, but more importantly the
Love and caring shown to me by my grandchildren that gave clear definition
To my life. We were brought together by a baseball game and by Love in the
Guise of a set of shadows trailing me which in my soul would never leave me.
My Mets were not victorious that evening . . . but I was very much a winner!