Our son played Little League baseball
A left-handed pitcher with promise
We’d pack the family into the car
To go and watch and clamor with the crowd
Baseball is our country’s unifying pastime
It brings family and friends to the field of dreams
But that day …
His coach was a little too competitive
That unfortunate day, as was his custom
Someone’s mother might have spoken up sooner
someone’s; I wish I had!
Before each game Coach did practice runs with flying balls
And one of those smashed and broke my
Young son’s nose – so we know how much
He loved that sport when upon discharge
From the ER, he insisted we drive back
To watch the final game … even though his
Baseball career was temporarily sidelined
He went back more determined than ever
To become an exceptional pitcher
An all-American baseball legend; a boy’s perfect career
From a young fan of the sport in his early season
He’d gone to play his heart out
and he didn’t need a reason
He took his injury in stride,
including the shiner beneath his eye
Love for the game had already taken root
Another American boy completely captivated
Not surprisingly because in ways that matter
He is his father’s son
Today the father, son, and grandson
Share the diamond of their dreams; the youngest one plays
And his dad and grand-dad take him to games
Where they roar for the home-team together